Analytics & graphs etc

please introduce some graphs and analytics to manager now as having these kind of information on dashboard will able us to make quick decisions about business.

Please use the Forum Search function as this has been overly discussed and good reasons were given by @Lubos and others not to do so.

Please read FAQ - Manager Forum on how to get quick help which boils down to first reading the guides Guides | Manager and secondly to search before you post (Click on Magnifier icon top-right.

I’m not going to echo the overall sentiment of this forum and tell you that graphs and charts are a poor tool for decision making, however I will recommend that you search the forum first to see that’s not something that’s on Manager’s roadmap, and they have some valid reasons for that.

That aside, Manager has an open and friendly API which you can link with the BI solution of your choice.

Several forum members swear by n8n but I haven’t tried it yet. Also, you can link it with MS Power BI or even with Excel.

Check this post out.
API using excel

Actually n8n is just a workflow software to sync manager with something else. If you want to do analysis through BI you will have to sync data to a DB, even SQLite can be enough and then do all the job for example with Metabase.

@uzair94 , manager is basically meant to look user friendly with a straight forward dashboard…so you can use the copy to clipboard function and paste in any spreadsheet software forexample MS excel and you create all the fancy graphs you like…