New Form - Loan Indemnity

Can you please add a Loan Indemnity form? We often issue items to clients for demo and need them to sign an indemnity form.

I have been using the delivery note but it’s not practical as I have to add the loan terms and conditions every time. Using the same document for loan indemnity and normal deliveries is busy creating a problem.

So basically the same form as a normal delivery note but on a separate “tab”.

Yes IT can be a New Tab and it is Very Useful For Business :earth_americas:

Why does the Loan Indemnity form have to be in Manager?

It is not an accounting document

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i know Loan Indemnity form is not an accounting form. but it should be included in manager so businessmen does not have to maintain a seprete database to maintain it and Implementating Loan Indemnity form will make manager more closer to becoming a software which Includes all Features ( LIKE AN ERP )

create a custom field and set the terms and conditions as a form default. just delete the contents when creating a normal delivery note.
Or just clone a previously created document.

it will not be a problem if you prefix or suffix something of your choice to the reference number which will differentiate your normal delivery notes and loan indemnity forms.

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This like the owner of a restaurant saying, “I know a menu is not an accounting form, but the ability to create menus should be added to my accounting program so I do not have to maintain a separate menu design program.”

Manager makes no pretense of being an ERP program.

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I can’t argue about the usefulness of release forms but how will it fit within the big picture? For starters, it way too narrow of a target to aim at.

A better procedure would be to use a word/excel template and attach the resulting file to your customer view screen.

If you would like to have your office templates to be dynamic and synched with Manager database, why not try this: