Connecting Manager DB to excel/MSPBI

Hi Mates around the world

I wonder if there’s a way to connect Manager’s database to excel / MS Power BI
to use the info stacking in Manager DB for extensive anaylysis using MS applications mentioned above


Wondering if you have searched the forum Search results for 'excel Power BI order:latest' - Manager Forum

I tried searching the forum indeed but nothing showed up
thanks for the kind help

You can click on the link provided by @Patch and you will find the solution in the top 5 results.

The main topic is called “API using excel”

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I can not really understand that thread , Though I tried opening the desktop version via browser copying the link and linking that to MS Excel it could import that page only not the whole thing

This means that you probably need to learn more about Power Query, namely, the advanced query editor which, unfortunately, is outside the scope of this forum.

And although external links are generally prohibited, I think that linking to official MS website for Power Query shouldn’t violate the rules. I’m sure @lubos and other mods would correct me if I was wrong.

Anyway, here’s a link to the official MS to the advanced query editor:

This still pertains to Not the Desktop version of manager?

It takes a bit more skill to get it to work on Desktop, but yes, it’s available on Desktop as well.

I don’t think you need the API to get data in Excel/BI for the desktop version if that is what you mean.

Thanks for the advice

so I have gone right click inspect sources page and copied that and pasted in power query as long as all transactions are showing or right click copy link in windows 11 qr code in windows 10 BUT you need to have manager open to refresh. This is the easiest way I know how to do it with out going into creating a faulse ID or what ever it is

That’s how I do it as well except I use the “open link in new tab” option. I actually never use the Program itself I have one browser dedicated to Manager (Because I use some other browser extensions that I use). Plus, It was easier to copy Tabs/Reports URLs and paste them into the power query or BI.

Which tab did you copy?
and does that help you connect to the whole data not only that tab you inspected?

I’m using these links from the browser

and I get this in excel

I don’t know how you get the whole data but this way is easier to organize or make changes in the long run.

I See
Thanks alot

under sources

and to get all the data you have to have all data showing
and as I said it only refreshes if Manager is open

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Good method but still no connection to the database itself just to the info shown in that specific page