Export offers and invoice to excel

dear we need to export offers and invoice to excel

I am only assuming that by “offer” you mean quotes. In that case you should go to Sales Quotes tab, do your search and then click on Copy to clipboard and then you can immediately paste into excel.

You can do the same for Sales Invoices

You mean open the quote and from inside it copy the lines to clipboard thin to excel

Please do not take photographs of your screen and post them. They are virtually useless. Use a screen capture tool of your operating system or a third-party app and upload those.

No. Read the Guide: Copy lists and reports | Manager. Depending on exactly what you are trying to do, you can also begin a Batch Update, copy data there, and paste that into a spreadsheet. See Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager.

I don’t want copy lists
I need to have the quote contents to excel
I have to copy from pdf to excel
It is not suitable and need to arranged

I was talking about something different, but yes, if you want the contents then that’s pretty much it.

There are a couple other ways, one involves batch update and the other through API.

Will you please show me how
I’m using cloud ver.

The first method you can click on Batch Update located in the bottom of the page and then Copy to Clipboard

For the API method, you can refer to this discussion API using excel

However, the more I think about it, the less it looks like a trivial task because you will only get the UUIDs in place of customers, items, accounts, tax codes, etc. You will need to do the same to each of the tabs and then use that to lookup the name from the UUID.

I have thought about GL report, but you cannot use customer or transactions as parameters, at least for now. The same thing applies to report transformations.

Maybe you can do something with custom reports.

Anyway, you will either have to take the time to setup an excel power query or use simple copy paste from the browser.

I would suggest adding more parameters and filters for report transformations because that would be the optimal solution.

Sir when exporting data to excel the numbers move with this format ‎60.000,00 and the excel act with it as no numbers give errors in formate
in previous version it work properly
i hope we have some soultion

sir im using cloud ver all EPR can export offers or invoices to Excel even copy past have problem now it is export test numbers in the old version it was numbers
any solution