Any way to generate managerial statistics?

I have been testing this awesome application for several days,

I am wondering if there is any way to get some managerial statistics especially from invoices. For example, say I am selling product A,B and C. through several selling channels such as e-store, store, ebay and so on.

I need some statistics such as the sale volume for each product and what the ranking of my channels is (most and less popular ones)

if there is such way please tell me.

Not natively.

However, you can export your Sales Invoices table to an Excel spreadsheet and do whatever manipulation and summation you need in Excel.

To add the details like selling channels, you can create a Custom Field for that information in Sales Invoices (look in the Settings tab) and tick the box called Show custom field as a column. Then, when you export the Sales Invoices table, that column will be included in the Excel spreadsheet.

Tracking codes could provide this information. Consider the different channels much like different divisions of the company. See the Guide at Note that you don’t necessarily have to track everything by the codes to get what you asked about, just the revenue. But you can if you want.

@Jon’s suggestion, of course, will let you play with the data and build beautiful charts.

I have tried to export the invoices to Excel but that did not work. It exports the detail of the invoices only. I mean it exports invoice number, date, total amount and customer but doesn’t export the quantity, unit price or channel if it was created.

I think this solution is inconvenient.

Hopefully we’ll be able to do this easily someday

Thanks any way for you attempts!

If you want your export to include line-item-level detail, you’ll need to use Custom Reports. Once @lubos publishes the documentation for Custom Reports (coming soon), if he gives us enough detail on the data schema including the table name for Sales Invoice line items, you should be able to create a report at the line-item level containing all the data (hopefully including custom fields).

If you can’t figure it out, ask again a few days after the documentation is released.


I am waiting for the documentation