Any Manager Installers Here?

Hi - I have an existing accounting system I’d like to have converted to Manager.IO - is there anyone here who is proficient in dong this? I’m not as familiar with doing these things and would just like to use the system after it’s setup properly.

I am willing to pay for a correct setup.

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solicitation is against the forum rules. FAQ - Manager Forum

every instruction you need to start using Manager is clearly explained in the guides.

I’m not trying to get work, but I’m not an accountant. It doesn’t matter how clearly it’s setup, I am not an accountant. Do you know of any forums where I can ask for assistance? I don’t want to ask for ‘free’ help because that goes against my guidelines. :slight_smile:

Manager is simple enough to be used by everyone and not just accountants. all the guides are self explanatory.
initially you will have to setup your Chart of Accounts according to your local laws though. but that again you need to talk to your local accountant.

all help provided by other fellow users of Manager on this forum is free.

In which country are you located?

Manager is simple to use, but not for everyone. In my opinion you have to have basic skills in accounting for setting up and using Manager properly. Some people don’t have any clue is my personal experience being the reason that for some of them I do their accounts…

Ive just changed to Manager, and have no accounting knowledge. Its simple. As most would say, just read the manuals.It may take time but it can easily be done. Backup backup.

Australia. My accountants would love me to be using something like Xero but I’m not interested. I’m just a small organic farmer and would rather keep costs in house where possible because I pay them enough to do my tax.

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@Grandpa - I wish I had more time - I guess I could leave it until closer to winter when we are not as busy.

@Hennie - I’ve been doing my own BAS for three years and I do my own payroll - but they are all moving to the cloud and tell me I have to switch my payroll to cloud as well but I hope that I can eventually get the server based Manager app so I can just give my bookkeeper a log in to do things as well. This is the most beautiful interface to work with and because I believe it’s Australian based, it’s miles ahead of other options.

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When you start with the free desktop-version you can always switch to the cloud-version of Manager.
The desktop-version is single-user, but the cloud version is multi-user. You could always give your accountant access to the cloud-version to let him do the things that are required.
Lots of success.

There’s a server hosted one - so I can host on my own servers and pay a single fee and yearly maintenance. I have my own servers as I build websites and I love all the tools that I can host and manage myself. I like the choices provided here by Manager.

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Not everyone is familiar in how to install software on servers etc. for them the cloud version is most of the times the best choice, but in your case the server-version it is an excellent choice.
Lots of success.

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Nina, not sure if are you looking for someone to set up Manager on your server, or to actually set up the accounts, and starting balances? In any event maybe you should post your request on Upwork. I have seen similar requests regarding Manager from various users posted there.

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That involves several tasks:

  1. Install Manager. The task is progressively more complicated from: a) hosted server, b) stand alone desk top, c) intranet private server, d) Internet accessible private server.

  2. Design a chart of accounts to meet your desired and required reporting requirements. In particular is there aspects of your existing system you would like changed?

  3. Train you and your staff to use Manager

  4. Decided how much historical data from the old system is to be ported to Manager. Zero is often recommended but not everyone finds that optimal. The simples way is to enter old data the same way you plan to enter new data, going back a month, quarter or year. Electronic data transfer takes a few days solid work for someone with the motivation and ability.

  5. Set starting balances for everything prior to the start date.

  6. Enter data. In your existing work flow is this done by you, your book keeper, or electronic interchange (eg bank records, point of sales equipment, business to business electronic record interchange)

  7. Check reporting meets your requirements

  8. Stop using old system and rely completely on Manager

Which of these tasks do you currently want guidance with?

Happy to assist with server work contact me privately for more detail. We have done a number of installs in different countries.

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That’s an excellent set of tasks to follow -
My main issue I have is starting balance journal entry thingys. I always end up with errors. I watched a video today on double entry ledgers to work out what is in what column. I can import in all the account codes - I can refer to those pretty easily as I’ve worked with them for three years, but every time I’ve had to do a journal entry it’s just not worked because I can’t make sense of the dr and cr things.

I am the only user. I could start off with the last financial year records -we don’t do high volumes of transactions.

I am a farmer - there is no point of sale equipment and I have a separate billing system which is automated, I guess it’s more of a cash books transaction and then if I can really grasp it - I’d switch my payroll system into Manager if it was compliant with single touch payroll. My payroll is simply casual backpackers at this stage.

So for me, journal entries for the initial balances would be where I would need some help I think. Thank you for asking.

Manager does not use journal entries much at all and definitely not for starting balances

Some of the Guides I would suggest starting with
Summary: Customize a business | Simplify Manager

Chart of Accounts: Design a chart of accounts | Build a chart of accounts | Add an account

Cash and Bank Accounts: Set up a cash account | Set up a bank account | Set up credit cards

Cash and Bank Transactions : Record a receipt | Record a payment | Import bank statements

Starting Balances: Set start date | Enter starting balances

Customers: Enter customers | Set starting balances for customers
Sales Invoices: Create sales invoices

Suppliers: Enter suppliers | Set starting balances for suppliers
Purchase Invoices: Create purchase invoices

Manager is compliant with Single touch payroll see
Employees paid on a regular schedule (eg fortnightly) are best handled by recurrent payslips, see

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You make it sound easy. I will follow these steps and see how I go and I appreciate this because I’ve been looking at it so many times now and thought it had all the smarts I needed.

@Nina, Manager is one of the simplest accounting programs available for inexperienced users. But you still need to know what it is supposed to do. It is only a tool. Think of it like buying a composter. It might be satisfying to stand and look at it, but if you don’t know you are supposed to put in organic material and add the resulting compost to your field, it won’t do you much good.

For all its simplicity, Manager is still quite a powerful double-entry accounting system. If you are not willing to invest the time in understanding how double-entry accounting works, you would be better off paying your accountant to do the work for you, because you can easily get yourself into trouble with the tax authorities. But a little background learning goes a long ways. I always recommend starting here: The Guides @Patch recommended will then make a lot more sense. Given what you told us about your capabilities, there is no reason to think you cannot do everything yourself.

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