Add Total Amount in purchase invoice

Hello forum
I create tax-exclusive Purchase Invoices adding more than 10 , 15 items. It will be very helpfull to add the total amount including tax ( along with the net amount that is already there) during the creation process ? Maybe on more column at the end ? Is it possible ?
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This is something I want to add across all transaction types so you can see calculated tax amounts as you type.

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Thank you for your reply. Is it something we will see in the near future or in some major update ?

There are not major or minor updates. It’s all up to Lubos priorities or timetable.

Ok, I get it.
I will wait for Lubos’ answer then… Seen all those requests in the forum, this might take a while…


Any information when this might be implemented? Would sure make verifying that data is correct before making a transaction.

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Any updates? Is this feature implemented?

If it is implemented, the topic will be removed from the ideas category.

Good idea and it will be very helpful

Displaying calculated amount as data is entered would be very helpful. The values I would most like to see are

  • Amounts which will be posted to the general ledge including any rounding adjustment
  • Transaction totals
  • Before tax, tax and after tax would be nice but not essential

The end result would be the edit screen would show a superset of the information displayed on the view screen. An appropriate outcome in my opinion as it means detailed information is displayed internally with only the chosen summary displayed externally.

This has been implemented in the latest version.