Add Total Amount in purchase invoice

Hello forum
I create tax-exclusive Purchase Invoices adding more than 10 , 15 items. It will be very helpfull to add the total amount including tax ( along with the net amount that is already there) during the creation process ? Maybe on more column at the end ? Is it possible ?
Thanks for your answers

This is something I want to add across all transaction types so you can see calculated tax amounts as you type.

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Thank you for your reply. Is it something we will see in the near future or in some major update ?

There are not major or minor updates. It’s all up to Lubos priorities or timetable.

Ok, I get it.
I will wait for Lubos’ answer then… Seen all those requests in the forum, this might take a while…


Any information when this might be implemented? Would sure make verifying that data is correct before making a transaction.

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Any updates? Is this feature implemented?

If it is implemented, the topic will be removed from the ideas category.