Tax Inclusive on a per-item basis

I’m wondering if there’s a way to set individual items as tax inclusive on a purchase invoice. The invoices my supplier sends me are tax exclusive for all the items with the exception of shipping. Shipping is in a separate field and is tax inclusive. Currently I’m just calculating out the tax in order to get my numbers to add up right, but it would be convenient to have an option to set that line as tax inclusive.

No, it’s not possible in Manager. Why not tell supplier to be consistent with their invoices? I can tell you this is hassle for each of their customers when they mix tax-inclusive and tax-exclusive amounts like that.

Is this even valid invoice? Technically it’s possible to implement support for this in Manager but I’m just not sure how common is this and whether invoices like that are valid invoices at all. In that case I wouldn’t be implementing something which is not right in the first place.

I will agree with Lubos on this issue. Your supplier should be supplying all item ex tax clearly showing the tax as a separate amount. Otherwise this is not a tax invoice. I am not sure any accounting software can address that issue! You need to get your suppliers to sort their invoices out as the onus is on them to do an invoice correctly.

Thank you for the information. I’ve contacted my supplier to see why the invoices are done this way. The only explanation I can think of is that I am not paying tax on shipping. But my other suppliers charge me tax on shipping, so I don’t see how it would be legal for this one not to.