[18.3.32] Show mini-statement on invoices instead of "Amount credited"

That is not a bug. That is the date the receipt was credited against the invoice. The same thing happens when a starting balance is credited.

then i would suggest to not show the date at all. it is just misleading.
the receipt reference number and its date are supposed to be a single data.

i am sorry but this would make no sense. it is understandable without mentioning that an advance payment is applied to the invoice on the date the invoice is created. so why unnecessarily show the same date again.


Because there may be several payments credited, some from advance payments, some from starting balances, some from partial payments after the invoice date, some from final payments.

and that is exactly what i am asking to be shown. the actual date the payment was received and not the date the payment was applied.
in a scenario where the customer had paid advance payment in five installments, the customer when checking the mini statement shown on the invoice would want to see which payment transactions made on what date had contributed to the balance due. they would not want to see the date of the invoice printed again.


great update !!

costumer old remaining balance showed on new invoice, is it possible.

It already does show for the invoice. If you want other status, send a statement.

this is what i want to say.

How can I remove this from the printed invoice?

what you are asking is not possible.

you can create a custom theme to show or hide anything on the document.
please hire a local programmer if you are not familiar with coding.

I use a custom theme, where I removed the last “balance” statement. But I don’t know how to do the same thing with the new one.
And I would like to mention that this kind of updates, when created, should be optional for the users and not change the total layout of the company’s formal documents.
Otherwise, you should advise us with the alternative solution to remove it and not send us to a local programmer.
Thank you for your understanding…

ok so if you know where to put your code, include the below

{% if total.label contains 'Less' %}{% continue %}{% endif %}


Thank you. That was helpful. I did it.

Thanks Lubos, but I’m with Sharpdrivetek in that it would be good for the receipt to show the actual date the business received the payment. For example, a customer paid a deposit of $10,000 and a progress payment of $10,000 towards their job. Now I am doing up the full detailed invoice of everything the job entailed which had extra to that originally quoted. The two $10,000 receipts both show as received on the date I created the invoice, which doesn’t make sense to me or them. I drafted the invoice last week and both receipts showed 4/6 then I get it finalised to send today and change the invoice date to 13/6 and the receipt date also changes to 13/6 even though they paid $10,000 in November 2017 and $10,000 in May 2018. So in this case, if the receipt date cannot be the actual date received by the business, a total ‘amount credited’ probably makes more sense. I will have to explain to them on my cover email to ignore the receipt dates.

If I do a deposit invoice, on the final detailed invoice I usually include a line “Less deposit received -10,000” But this time the deposit and progress payments were GST inclusive but the final invoice showing lines with each part of the job were GST exclusive amounts so it got messy (and incorrect) if I put -10,000 on one line for less payment received. So I deleted the deposit invoice I had done and the deposit amount was credited under the total on the final invoice. (Our BAS is on a cash basis so I don’t think it would effect GST we pay/have paid.)

Don’t know if this is best practice but it was the only way to get the correct balance due on the final invoice.

And possibly this is in part where your problem lies. Generally deposits are just an advance of funds (not a sale) so would be a non-GST transaction. Or put it this way, if your client cancelled then you would just refund the deposit, no GST implications.

As for the progress payments, they could also be an advance of funds or a sales transaction, but if they are going to be a sales transaction, then they need to be on the same tax basis as the final invoice.

If you invoice the deposits and/or progress payments or not will determine how they will appear on the final invoice - added invoice lines or mini statement receipts.

If you invoiced, then the adding of invoice lines would address the dating issue which you were highlighting.

Can you tell me where I have to place it?

Well said @sharpdrivetek It is indeed misleading! This just happened to me. I sent an invoice and the customer got confused. After explaining to him, he asked me to show the actual receipt date or delete the date. I had to send the old receipt again and then edit the invoice for his records. Would suggest, either show the actual receipt date or not to show any date. Re-thinking needed!

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Under the
“{% for total in table.totals %}”

I did this:

{% for total in table.totals %}

{% if (total.label == ‘Οφειλόμενο υπόλοιπο’) %}{% continue %}{% endif %}

{% if (total.label == ‘Ποσό Πίστωσης’) %}{% continue %}{% endif %}

{% if total.label contains ‘Μείον’ %}{% continue %}{% endif %}

{% if total.label contains ‘Balance due’ %}{% continue %}{% endif %}

Thank you but is not working