Ammending invoice heading to "TAX INVOICE"

Hi @Lubos, have you implemented that. Still not showing TAX INVOICE.

OK now. I just have to remove my previous VAT code and use the built in one.

Hi Lubos, have you help to implement my request .Still not showing TAX INVOICE
Country : Tanzania
VAT rate : 18%

  1. SALES INVOICE: request to add word “TAX INVOICE” for Country: Thailand with 7% VAT
  2. SALES INVOICE: add. request to add word “TAX INVOICE (ORIGINAL)” for Country: Thailand with 7% VAT
  3. DELIVERY NOTE: request to add back the missing of box at name/date/signature.

how about Thailand? still don’t have?

@ljimmymx, how do you expect the program to place two different titles on sales invoices? If you want this, you can create two different custom themes to use in different situations. Read how to make title changes here: [16.11.1] Added new themes for invoices, quotes, orders, receipts etc - #55 by lubos

I cant find the amendable “invoice” wording in the theme template … which makes me feel very hard to use… so how about just to add word “TAX INVOICE” for Country: Thailand with 7% VAT

You are not looking for “invoice.” You are looking for “title” as clearly spelled out in the link I sent you. It’s in line 6 of the default theme.

I cant find any title in the theme and that’s make me cant do anything… may u do a snap shot

As @tut stated - look at line 6, look for the word “title”

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And do not double-post your questions.

thank you very much you’ve being patient to help me… without your clear explanation I wouldn’t able to do it.
previously I’ve tried to search CTRL+F the word title but cant be found. maybe I m getting old.

You apparently expect keyboard shortcuts from your operating system or other applications to work in Manager. They don’t. Such shortcuts are specific to the program for which they were created.


Can I please request for taxes from India to be added in -

india CST 2%
india MVAT 1.2%
(Maharashtra state tax)

We also need TAX INVOICE as the heading of our invoices!

Thank you so much

Please let me know when this update has been passed.


If i may give a suggestion, will it be possible to create an html code that would change the title of sales invoice as TAX INVOICE if a value is entered in the tax column while preparing an invoice and leave it as INVOICE if no tax is entered without switching the themes?

I came up with this idea since I am from India and as you have mentioned in your previous replies we do have a lot of tax rates depending on the state. So this suggestion can be implemented as a simple toggle between TAX INVOICE and a simple INVOICE.

@Tut tour opinion regarding this?

Thanks in advance.

Since you asked for my opinion, I do not support such a change. While it might be convenient for you personally, others would find such automatic title switching troublesome. You already have the option to achieve what you want with custom themes. I do not think it wise to change a program used around the world to match a local practice. I prefer the current situation, in which standard behavior meets the majority of needs, while special requirements are handled through tailoring.

I understand the software is developed for the needs of majority. But some guidance regarding tailoring will be a great help since the html code for themes does not show every parameter used. For example, if i need to create an if clause to call for the condition in tax column, i do not know the parameter used for the tax column. And so i cannot tailor the same.

I was hoping to can get a little help with the html code for the same. And i am sure others looking for the same can tailor their theme with the html code.


Hello. In Lithuania we have the same problem. When applying taxes (VAT), invoice name does not change. Non-Vat invoices should be name “Invoice” and VAT invoices should be named “VAT invoice”. Percentage is 21%.

Please read this guide
and consult a local programmer, if necessary.

Should it be VAT Invoice in English or equivalent in your language?