Allowing to Delete Paid Invoice

It is allowing to delete paid invoices. If payment made for an invoice, it should allow to delete the payment first, then invoice.

What you describe is how things should work. I can reproduce this bug.

You can not delete an paid invoice, it is wrong. Receive a payment for an invoice and delete it. Same for purchases as well. This will lead to lot of problem…

Maybe you did not understand my response, @sbscchosting. You are correct. You should not be able to delete an invoice that is paid. Formerly, you could not. I don’t know when this bug crept into the program. But I have put the topic into the Bugs category.


Any updates on this?

A fix will be announced right here in this topic when it occurs.

Fixed in the latest version (18.5.35)

I still can remove invoices. (18.5.36)

If the payment was made against specific invoice, then you won’t be able to delete that invoice until payment is reallocated or deleted first.

I tested it and you can delete invoices that are automatically matched but not if the payment was made against a specific invoice as you mentioned.