All counters not reset to zero

Hello sir

  1. I have followed guide /7470 for closure of accounting period
  2. Still Old transactions are visible , of course non-editable ,Why not required
  3. Transaction counters not reset to zero
  4. My software version is 20.2.26

any one can help


Read the guide again.

The transaction counters are never reset, all previous transactions are still available but not editable if you have set the lock date correctly

Everything is normal - have you reset the dates for the Summary page?

Yes sir, I have gone through, , Please suggest

Please note the lock date is set before enabling UPDATE

SNAP IT pic attached



What is your question?

@ANNASWAMY, it does not sound like you have any problem. You apparently thought the transaction counters would be reset. As @Joe91 explained, they are not supposed to be. The lock date is unrelated. That can be changed or removed at any time. And a lock date set in an earlier version will carry over to the new version when you update the software. That is merely a setting stored in the data file, not anything having to do with the update itself.

I hope the picture sent, is correct to display accounts 2020-21

Pls confirm


You can display any accounting period you choose. Dates are neither correct nor incorrect.

The dates you have entered will show the results for the period 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021 and the Balance Sheet as of 31 March 2021

It is up to you to decide if this is the correct period

I usually leave the Balance Sheet date and the end date as Today but it’s your choice