No balances showing in Summary/Chart of Accounts

Hi, the summary and chart of accounts (ledgers) for the year 2017 has completely been wiped out from our cloud ERP Manager. All the entries pertaining to the year still exist but no balances are showing up in the Summary. I have checked the audit trail and there is nothing unusual there. Can you please let us know what’s gone wrong here asap please. Thank you

Check the date range on the Summary edit screen and the Start Date

It is set to the right period This summary is set to show balance sheet as at 31-12-2017 and profit and loss statement for the period from 01-01-2017 to 31-12-2017 .

What is the Start Date in Settings?

Sorry I don’t follow your question

This is a screenshot for the year 2017 which I am having trouble with. Having changed the period to 01-01-2018 to 31-12-2018 - next screenshot attached

Can you show an example of a transaction from 2017 and the Start Date value from Settinds

Do you mean the Starting Balances date from Settings?

I changed the Starting Balances date from Settings but the balances don’t match those that existed previously (I know this for certain as we have printed reports and have filed our tax returns with those balances that existed previously before the wipe out)


Have you followed the instructions in the guide for setting starting balances?

And what version of Manager are you using - Cloud, Desktop or Server and what number?

Note: Transactions dated prior to the start date will be ignored by Manager, except those used to establish starting balances.

We are using 19.7.41 of the Cloud version

Yes it is very strange because no settings were changed until close of business yesterday and of opening of business day today, everything was wiped out for that year

You still havent shown a screen shot of the Starting Date

The summary now populates with the relevant data but certain ledgers have balance differences, unable to locate the root of the issue here

What ledgers?

If you follow the procedures as described in the guide to entering starting balances, you will not have any problems with your opening balances