Closing period (automatic?!?)

Good morning,

I was 5 months behind in my accounting, so I started entering my entries, invoices, etc.

On the other hand, all of a cost, the software decided by itself to make an end of period and creates me a loss whereas I did not enter all my inscriptions yet.

He added me Profit (loss) for the period in Retained earnings. I can no longer view my balance before May 19, 2023.

I don’t know how to solve my problem anymore. Can I cancel this automatic closing period?

Someone can help me

Sans titr2e

First of all the Summary screen is just a display and not a report nor does it close or open any period.

Secondly, you enabled show balances from 19 May 2023 until today in the summary screen and therefore you will be able to see anything in P&L before the From and after the Today date.

Thirdly Manager does not automate any processes, the user has enabled the show balances and selected the dates in this Summary screen.

As a first time user you must familiarize yourself with the guides first and use a test business.


  • read through all of the table of contents for the guides

  • then when you have a problem you will know what information is readily available

  • read specific guides as you need

Doing so would reveal this guide Close an accounting period | Manager

If i uncheck show balance from X to today, my balance sheet is also May 19… I know that Manager does not automate any proicesses, but I don’t understand why I have a end of period without reason

Thank to refer me to this section but I have already read it before my post and it doesn’t explain why I see end of period in my summary

Disable the checkbox as per screenshot. Then enddate is always automatically the current date.