Aged receivables reports

Hi guys,

Now since the new custom reports functionality is added to Manager, anyone knows how to make custom report showing aged receivables per custom field (custom field in customers)?


I’m stuck on this, can’t find a solution, appreciate any help guys.


Your question is not clear. Aged receivables reports imply sorting by due dates. What do you envision when you ask about showing aged receivables by custom field?

I don’t think what I wanna achieve can be achieved within the ready aged receivables report, i need the settings of a custom report that will show me all aged receivables of customers combined by custom field (the custom field is city and it has been set in customers).

In short, I want a report that shows all aged receivables per city, is that possible within the current custom reports functionality?

Do you want to enter city as a custom report parameter and then get 1 report for that city? If that’s your question, I am also intrigued by it.

That is what I want to achieve, a custom report that shows all receivable amounts per city (which is the custom field in this case).