Aged Receivables Multiple Selection


I need to get Aged receivable Reports for selected Customers in one report
Eg. We have three sales agent/Representative. I need a report of aged receivable under one sales agent. i.e 15 or 25 customer details in one report instead of getting individual statements by manually selecting customers under sales agent/Representative. this requirement will save some paper as well as report running time on individual report running for 25 customers…

tried with custom reports, but running balances cannot get though custom reports.
there is no filtering for aged receivable report or customer statements.

sales agent / Rep marked with both custom fields as well as Business identifier on Customer master file.

Thank you in advance

You can create New Division per each sales agent, then assign correct division per each customer.

This will allow you to generate divisional Aged Receivables.

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Can you please kindly explain more or just give me reference where already explained how to do this.

Create the divisions under Settings. Then edit the customers, where you will see a new option to choose the division. Then create the receivables report with selected division(s).


It works fine… Thank you…