Aged Receivables - Error in Aging Count

Can someone explain if something is wrong with the AR default report?

below is a screenshot of my AR report as at today.

As you can see, all of the invoices point to Current column, there is none on any other column. Which is not true since most of these invoices will have aging of 30 days and more.

An example of one of the invoice (INV/2022/0058) is below (which should be due in 05/23):

Is there something wrong with the report? or the way im inputting things?

Hi @yhart

There’s nothing wrong with the aged receivables report you have shown here.

“Current” means not due yet and the categories after that is the overdue days.

The invoice example you provided is not due yet and hence it’s placed correctly under Current.

I see! I must have misunderstood the meaning. Thanks!!