Aged Payables Report

Hi Dears,

When I click the amounts that are shown on aged payables report i can’t see the amounts that are created by journal entry but the amount is correct ! I only see the invoices. I think the all amounts has to be shown over there.

How can i handle with this?
Thank you.

It isn’t normal to use journal entries to change the balances on a suppliers account. The normal manner of affecting a supplier account is through posting purchase invoices, debit notes and payments.

Journal entries would only be used to offset a purchase invoice against a sales invoice .

What journal entries have you posted to a suppliers account?

Another company has been paid instead of the supplier and i transferred the amount to that supplier via using journal entry…

Supplier has two office and other office has paid the amount instead of other one so i transferred the amount via using journal entry. Is that wrong ?

Thanks for replying

Why did you not just correct the Spend Money transaction?

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