Is it a bug or on purpose?


I made some adjustment to some purchase invoices. I had to do extra subdivisions from one only “supplier” of Property Taxes to many different ones, ie one for each municipality: they have changed the law. I decided to make this adjustments with journal entries. this adjustment don’t show up int the aged payables’ report. But If I look to the suppliers’ list, it will show the correct amount.

Is this a bug or done on purpose?

I’m asking this since if I do this to compensate some payments with some credits, the deduction of the total amount it is shown in the Aged Payables report but not if I increase the amount with journal entries this doesn’t appear.


Exactly what you did to make these “adjustments” isn’t clear. Did you change the posting to one supplier’s account in a purchase invoice to another’s? The way to do that would have been to reallocate the purchase invoice itself. Otherwise, there are no dates for the Aged Payables report to pick up. That report is a distillation information from purchase invoices, not the entire general ledger.

Yes. I change the posting to one supplier’s account to another’s. I cannot change the previous purchase invoice since I close the balance of the previous semester: we are under control of supervisory authorities and i need to mantain everything as we did before that date.

If you need to maintain everything as it was before a certain date, you are not meeting that obligation by reallocating with journal entries to different suppliers’ accounts. I think you need to treat the newly created tax authority suppliers as just coming into existence. If the previous system met the legal requirements but now does not, you will not be the only business making adjustments.

I’m reallocating them with the current date… I cannot make a movement previous to the closing balance.

From what I can understand what I can do is to do debit notes and to register new purchase invoices OR move everything of this kind of debits to journal entries in order to have everything under the same tab

I would not issue debit notes because the suppliers issued you no credit notes. Thus, you would be making up non-existent financial transactions to cover a change to your accounting practices (separate suppliers instead of a common one). Likewise, there would be no new supplier invoices to go with your duplicated purchase invoices. All that seems like potential trouble in case of an audit.

Thanks for the help