Production order for Multiple Finished items

My company Product 10g and 100g product by same raw material.
How can i record in production order as there is only one option for adding finished item.

Thanks in advance…

You should establish a specific production order for each finish product
One for 10g’s
Another for 100g’
Don’t forget to creat the two finish product items in ;;inventory items;; tab

The ability to create multiple, different, but simultaneous output items on a single production order has been in the ideas list for a long time.

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Hello thanks for your reply,
here is my end Screenshot by Lightshot
only one finish product showing also i have checked inventory items tab would you like to sent a screen short how can i do that


You should add 2 items in inventory items

Then go to production orders and do what you did in your picture
One for 10g product
Another for 100g product
Because for the moment we can’t establish a production order for two or more products
There’s only for single pruduct in time

How to add line in Finished item of production order.

Because one raw material (100 kgs Wheat) makes 3 (Ruti, Parata, Puri) finished items for a single batch. please help by add a line into finished item line.

@kazinazrulislam, do not double post your questions. You should also read the entire thread before adding a post. Your question was already answered earlier in this thread.


any update on this idea ? (multiple finished items in single production order)

this thread has not been classified as an idea.
I believe it is part of this thread which has been classified as an idea Production Orders - Enhancements but does actually encompass multiple feature upgrades. However further discussion should probably continue there.

@Patch is right. I am closing this topic.