Recurring production orders

Does manager has recurring production orders or bill of material for inventory items?.
This will be terribly useful for companies that manufacture standard items from standard raw material in batches

Have you tried using 'Inventory Kits'? You can create a new item using a bill of material of existing inventory. Anytime you sell the inventory kit (cash sales), Manager will adjust the inventory on hand in the location you are selling from using the bill of material created. If it a sales invoice, Manager will register the inventory to be delivered to the customer in the system, a delivery note issued later will then adjust the inventory on hand in the selected location of the delivery note voucher.

To amplify on @Abeiku’s comments, inventory kits are only useful for “bundling” existing inventory items that are sold together. They cannot be used for production.

Manager does not currently have a capability for recurring production orders or bills of material. The best thing is to clone a previous production order. When doing that, you can edit quantities for both finished items and bill of materials. This at least ensures you don’t leave anything out. If you manufacture standard-sized batches, you might purposely create several production orders for varying quantities initially. Then clone the one that matches the batch you need to produce.

Of course, the ideal solution would be to call up a production order, enter the number of finished items, and have the bill of materials auto-calculate quantities. But the program isn’t there yet.

Thanks a lot This will help save time

I am just beginning to use manager and am faced with the issue of repeating batches of production. How do you “clone” production orders as you suggest?

View the production order and click Clone:

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