Adjust notification time for recurring sales invoices

I’ve set up numerous recurring sales invoices which create new invoices each month. I log in every morning to see when new sales invoices need to be sent to customers. However, the system doesn’t notify me of new recurring invoices until late afternoon.

By the time I get around to sending the invoices (usually the next morning), the issue dates need to be amended.

I could edit the issue date for each new invoice as they are created, however, this is cumbersome and time-consuming, especially when 20 new sales invoices are created.

This sounds like a time zone issue. What edition are you using? Desktop, server, or cloud? And what time is your operating system set to compared to local time?

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Thanks Tut. I’m using 20.2.75 cloud edition. I’m in Eastern Australia, and when I create a new invoice (even early in the morning), the date seems to always match my timezone. It is 12:22pm right now, and recurring sales invoices set to issue today have yet to be generated.

@danniii, do you have any other timing issues? For example, are sales invoices created shortly before or after midnight given the wrong issue date?

Here is why I ask: Since October 2019, the program has used web-browser time to set dates. When I set a recurring invoice, it appears right away on the date it should be created, not late in the afternoon as you describe. But if your browser time were wrong, it seems it should show up in other ways, too.

@lubos will need to look at this to determine whether there is some other error that could be responsible.

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@Tut, I’ve not seen any other timing issues. Though, I have only been using the system for a month now.

12:22 18th Apr - Recurring sales invoices have not generated.
17:18 18th Apr - Recurring sales invoices have generated.
23:56 18th Apr - New manual sales invoices are dated with 18-04-2020
00:00 19th Apr - New manual sales invoices are dated with 19-04-2020

After you suggested it may be my browser timezone (something I’d not heard of), I went to BrowserSpy to see what my timezone was set to. Results below:

It seems manual sales invoice dates conform to my PC/local time, and recurring sales invoice dates conform to some other time…? Perhaps server time?

Only @lubos can address this issue to determine whether it is a bug or something in your setup. He will be invited to join this discussion.

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