Additional columns for Recurring Purchase Invoices list

Please add a column for the invoice amount to the list of recurring purchase invoices. This would save a lot of time in determining if a recurring invoice needs to be edited before creating it.

Also please add a “Create” button next to the “Edit” button so you can create the invoice without having to check and Batch Create it.

Another wishlist item but not as urgent for me would be to have a “Notes” text field for recurring purchase invoices. The notes would show up as a column in the list so you could see them without having to edit the invoice.

You can do this now. You add a custom field for purchase invoices. It will appear on the recurring purchase invoice form. Although this custom field will not show on the Form Defaults for recurring purchase invoices, it will appear when you create a recurring purchase invoice.

What about my other suggestions of adding the invoice amount as a column on the Recurring Purchase Invoices screen and adding a button for directly creating the recurring invoice to each line?

I think this is valid feature request. Custom fields are not appropriate if you want to display something for which data is already there.

My suggestion about custom fields only applied to the request for a Notes field. (There were 3 separate requests in this topic.) Content of Notes is not already in the database.

Thanks! Yes, the main request was for the invoice amount column to be visible in the recurring purchase invoices list. The others were secondary but would be welcome additions to that screen, especially the “Create” button (as addressed in its own request here: Add "Update and Create" button to Edit Recurring Purchase Invoice - #8 by lubos)