Additional Columns on Recurring Sales Quotes

Dear Team,
Is it possible to have all the columns of Recurring Sales Invoices in Recurring Sales Quotes

Columns in Recurring Sales Invoices is helpful when it’s with Interval and Amount Column in it.

It will be all consistent soon. There will be also option to select which columns should be visible.


Awesome waiting for it.

Dear @lubos
Can we have Edit Column functionality for all the recurring transaction list?

What would be the use case? Recurring transactions stem from the real transactions lists. You only set them up in Settings and you would not see a list of these until in the real transactions list. So explain how this would be useful, som it can be considered.

@eko even if built-in columns are enough, you can always create custom fields on recurring transactions for whatever purpose and to enable those custom fields as columns, you need Edit Columns feature.

Dear @eko in the attached image of this post I have shown Recurring Sales Invoice and Recurring Sales Quotes, Assume I am using Recurring Sales Quotes as Recurring Retainer Invoice, if I had the amount Column. It would be easy for me to estimate the amount ill be receiving in upcoming month from renewals. Now I am manually trying to open each transaction to get estimate amount.

I am not contradicting your example, @hmdaadil, and the developer has already indicated his agreement that this feature could be useful and is feasible. But understand the limitations of what you are suggesting.

A listing of recurring transactions (regardless of their type) is not a projection of income. Recurring transactions can be at various intervals. But the recurring transactions are only templates of a what a single transaction will include when created. In other words, they are a list of future transactions you might create, but only a list of one of each transaction.

Suppose you define recurring sales invoices for a customer of 1000 every two weeks, 2000 every month, and 5000 every quarter. Adding 1000 + 2000 + 5000 does not tell you what your income will be next month. That would require further calculations outside Manager. Now multiply that uncertainty by all the various retainers you have, which could be for different amounts and different intervals. The result would be completely useless. The only way you could use a list of recurring invoices to predict one month’s income is if you happen to have only monthly invoices. But if that is your situation, you really do not need a column in Manager to tell you what the prediction is, because it will not vary from month to month.

In my opinion, a simple spreadsheet would be quicker and more flexible for income projections. Remember, at their core, all accounting systems have the basic purpose of recording what has already happened, not what might happen. They are frequently poorly suited for predicting income.

Added to the latest version (23.4.5).

Amount column added to these screens:

  • Recurring Receipts
  • Recurring Payments
  • Recurring Purchase Orders
  • Recurring Sales Orders
  • Recurring Sales Quotes
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