Request - Recurring sales and purchase invoice

First of all I would like to thank @lubos for the implementation of the expiration of the recurring invoices.

I have two further requests of implementation for this function, if it’s possible:

  1. Show the expiration date in the list of the recurring invoices in order to see it immediately in the first screen;

  2. Add the possibility to add a description to the recurring invoice (also this data shown in the list of recurring invoices).

I think that these integrations will help big structured companies to keep track in the program of the reasons and informations behind the recurring rules and the list will became a sort of report.

Column added to the latest version (18.7.42).

As for the description, there is already description field. In future, it will be possible to create custom fields on recurring invoices only which might/might not copy onto resulting invoice. This would allow you to track arbitrary data on recurring transactions without being “leaked” into generated ones.