Add Invoice Total column to Recurring Purchase Invoice list

Please add a Invoice Total column to the list of Recurring Purchase Invoices. This will allow a quick check to make sure amounts are correct before batch creating purchase invoices. Currently when reconciling with my credit card statements/bank statements, have to click on each purchase invoice to confirm the amount, then go back to the list to batch create it. A column that shows the Invoice Totals for all the recurring purchase invoices would allow me to instantly see which ones need editing and which ones don’t. It would speed up the recurring purchase invoices process immensely.


If you are interested in speeding up your work, I would ask why you are creating purchase invoices at all. You write of reconciling credit card or bank statements. So obviously, you have already made the payments. You are not recording a credit purchase, so you do not need a purchase invoice at all.

Regardless of my individual workflow, do you disagree that a column showing invoice total would be useful?

Yes, because you are using recurring purchase invoices for transactions that vary from month to month. You must edit the recurring invoice, then create it. If you have purchase invoices from the same suppliers every month, but with varying amounts, an easier approach is to clone or copy the previous invoice and just edit the amount. That keeps you in the Purchase Invoices tab and avoids diving into Settings, which are by design intended for things that do not change routinely.

I used to do it that way, but it is slow because I have to search for the similar purchase invoices in the list, view, clone, then edit them.

The recurring purchase invoice list is perfect because I can get reminders of invoices that recur every month on the same day of the month. The amounts are normally the same, but I don’t want to risk making a mistake if one supplier charges a little more or less (like on a phone bill for usage, for example). Some of them are billed in foreign currencies so their total will fluctuate from month to month depending on the exchange rate.

I think it would be immensely useful to have the amount showing beside each recurring purchase invoice and would ask you to consider adding this column.

It strikes me that you do not want the invoice total on the list of Recurring Purchase Invoices in Settings. Your description of your workflow suggest you would want it on the list of the Batch Create screen after clicking on the banner notice for the Purchase Invoices tab that tells you there are one or more recurring invoices to be created. Correct?

Yes that’s exactly right. When you click on the yellow banner that says there are recurring purchase invoices to be issued, you get a list of them. That list is where the amount column would be very helpful to me. Thanks for clarifying!

Added to the latest version (21.9.9)

You will see Amount column when viewing list of recurring sales or purchase invoices. This will show under both - Settings section and also when viewing pending list.

Great! Thanks so much for adding this. It will save me a lot of time.