Suggestion for additional columns in goods receipt listing

i think it would be very useful to add in the Goods Receipt listing two more columns, Purchase Invoice Number and Purchase Order Reference

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Any Idea about this?

Hello again
Since there were no answer about my question I put it again.
Is it possible to add some columns under “Good Receipt” in order to be more funcional?

For example, under “Delivery Notes” report there are columns:
“Delivery Date”, “#”, “Order Number”, “Invoice Number”, “Customer”, “Description”

Is it possible respectively under “Good Receipt” report, to show columns like:
“Receipt date”, “#”, “PO Number”, “Purchase invoice number”, “Supplier”, “Description”

Thank you

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Everything you suggest already shows except order and invoice numbers. I will change the title of your topic to be more informative and put it in the Ideas category.

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ok, but the two missing columns I thenk is the most important to be shown

@lubos is it possible to have those two columns in the Goods Receipt “listing”, which will help to track which purchase order has been delivered? i think its an easy implementation since the information alreay exists in the Good receipt. Thank you

I’m not exactly sure what is required here.

Invoice number and Order number columns show under Goods receipts tab. On top of that, you can have custom fields which can be also shown as columns.

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