Additional Bank Import column for custom fields

@lubos, I’ve been wondering if its possible to have additional column based on custom within from Receipt and Payment (Bank transaction) Custom Field for Bank Import? or do you plan to change it to batch import? similar to batch create?

What I’m doing right now I’m importing my data by copy pasted from bank customer portal, where I added dual reference one using auto numbering reference by manager system, another is abbreviation(to identify which bank) with sequential number) plus nature of transaction like payment salary, sales and what not.

the Auto Reference number was placed in “Reference” column, the additional abbreviation with sequence number, and nature of transaction (made the bank rules effective). I’ve insert the additional two type of data in description is tedious work (I need dual reference for audit as I’m differentiate between system reference and document reference) which I was suggested some of the topic to adopt that kind of system for audit trail feature.

Thus, I request that Other than “Date”, “Reference”, “Payee”, “Description” and “Amount”. Please add additional column make the bank rules effective in capturing the criterion.

If wondering why putting in description is not satisfactory is not because of inability to capture the criterion, is the process I’m doing to separate the data with description afterwards. So that, I can use column sort feature in listing.

Maybe one way to implement it by having manager to check both the imported bank statements column against the payment and receipt custom fields exact name. then start the process unless one of it does not match, it will abort and notify which column does not match in .csv file.

This will be pretty much covered by Batch Create function. Technically speaking you could already use Batch Create to import your payments and receipts from spreadsheet but there is more work to be done to make it really user-friendly.

@acecombat2 I’ve actually imported 900 bank lines with batch create using different custom fields quite easily.

Yes, the only thing that stops me from using batch function is there is no column to select which account to be posted, amount field, and suspend account once batch create/update if the account are not specified. Based on my workflow process this is triple work for me. I already love the current bank import to bank reconciliation workflow to check differences in preview page. I’m not comfortable with current batch function without reviewing whats being entered for that particular batch. I had the issue previously some of line items in batch update/create not import fully/jumbled which is tedious to re do and update/create by small batches. ( noted I always backup before using the batch function)

Unless of course the bank import I can see it may deprecated in future once the batch function is better than bank import overall. Then please, improve the batch feature.

well the danger of batch create is duplication. Using bank import much safer for me.