Adding additional Reference Field for Bank Reconcilliation

I would like an additional field to be added in receipt and payment form for bank reconciliation purpose.

This issue came about when I decided to use auto-numbering reference field against manually insert the reference myself (Lubos had to combined bank transaction and cash transaction due to fundamental issues of presentation in the form like ‘cash receipt’ and ‘bank receipt’ issues). Which I adopted dual referencing system based on my workflow. I like what I did before the bank and cash transaction combined in tab to separate referencing number between cash transaction using sequential number and bank transaction based on bank’s transaction number.

Since the reference field is auto-numbered based on manager creation of the record, it will be less useful to be used when we need reference number referring to an external document’s line items (transaction number) like bank statement.

This addition seem to be not so critical since we can tell from amount and description. But if I’m at scenario where I need to dig out the discrepancy that never match either the amount and description in manager against bank statement having extra reference that I can be showed in bank reconciliation process allows quick detection and less error prone.

I suggest the additional reference field to be put between these two area.

Use a custom field, Bank reference, set to show as a column. That way, you will have both the bank reference (for bank transactions) and the auto-numbered Manager reference.

@tut the first image are from bank reconciliation process when created under bank accounts and click to blue text date under bank reconciliation column. not under payment and receipt tab. Hard coded and not customizable via custom field.

I want it to be added between Reference and Description.

Could you not get what you need by including the bank reference in the summary-level description field on the payment or receipt forms? That is what I do. After all, something like “Deposit 123456789 of Cheque #7798 for Invoices 2534, 3478, and 2398” is a description of the transaction. More detailed descriptions can go in the line-item description fields if there are multiple lines.

That will work as workaround. I might stumble some challenges down the road without separate the additional reference data by column instead merge with description but forgot what is it…