Equation into a custom field & sum into another custom field


Hello Friends; Greetings from Rusty Old Palestine;

Today I would like to discuss with you if it is worth while to allocate resources to this feature:
[adding an equation box to custom fields, which multiply, divide, add, or subtract numbers and then calculate and send the sum to another field]

My Team -which is a Saas Company in Palestine- really needs such a feature, it has been requested from at least 4 customers so far.

After much discussion within our small team; we really can’t find anything worth more work than this feature; manager can easily adapt to any organization; which set’s it up from any other software; this feature will make it the best adaptable software in the market -for people who do not know code; which is 90% of population- [all of us are ready to put work into this -3 developers-]

What do you think?


Brilliant idea, it would be really great


I agree