Adding the username to whoever creates a transaction

Is it possible to automatically add the name of the user who creates a transaction?

In the current setup I’ve got for my client’s access, I ask them to select their username from a custom field drop-down box as they create any transaction. Problem is, they can accidentally choose a different username from the drop-down instead of their own.

You can use the history to obtain this information.

@Ealfardan is right. See the Guide: Audit transaction history | Manager. You don’t need that custom field at all.

I’m aware about how to use history to get it. However, this particular client requires her employees who creates the entries to print out the transactions entered into the system. And since there are a few of them who has access to recording transactions, she wants to make sure that she would know by looking at the printouts who encodes what transactions…

I seriously doubt you are going to see a new feature that parallels one the program already has. Perhaps your client needs to be educated about the benefits of using a computerized accounting system on a computer instead of relying on it as a typewriter to generate paper. If she is worried about mistakes (or worse, deceptions) she should be aware that printouts can be very easily faked. The History feature is far more secure.


convincing her is not going to be easy…

in fact, if it wasn’t for the whole COVID-19 situation, she wouldn’t have signed up with me as client…she’s very skeptical (a bit more than just average)

anyway, case closed for now…thank you for the responses… stay safe

I think waiting for the following feature is probably going to be optimal for you

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@Patch Thank you…This might just satisfy my client when she sees this…