Capturing username as part of invoice


I am using the server edition and I am exploring to see if it is possible to have the username captured as part of the invoice generated

For example, if user A logged into the application and generated a invoice, i would like a entry call " Generated By = A" captured as part of the invoice

I am not sure if this can be done or where i can find any documentation which may allow me to do this

Any advise appreciated

Thanks in advance


This feature is not yet available, but is being worked on. Meanwhile, you could add a custom field to your sales invoices and require staff to input their names. Of course, that requires discipline and possibly management oversight.

Thanks for the update but is it possible for us to just link this to the db username in use? This would probably not require any application change.

Requiring the staff to input their name is feasible but not recommended as it does not provide good governance control

No, as I said, it is not possible. And it would require a change to the application, despite what you may think, which is why I said it is being worked on. You are correct in saying the current situation does not provide good governance control, which is why I said it would require discipline and management oversight. And that’s why it is being worked on.

ok. Thanks for the clarification

Is the “username” capturing is added to the “ideas” ?
Can we expect this very soon.

I have no information on development schedules.

I know this is a very old topic, but is the requested feature possible now?

Have you tried looking at the history button on an invoice?

I am trying to add username as signature at the bottom of a sales invoice in this format- “Created by: username”

Although not fully automated in Manager v22.9.1.350 you can create a Multi Value Customs Field like in example below. This will allow you to select in the Sales Invoice screen (and whatever other you would assign the custom field to.

Thank you so much for the suggestion @eko . But I was looking for a way to automate the process.

A suggestion similar to your has already been mentioned by @Tut in his previous post, where he also mentioned that “This feature is not yet available, but is being worked on.”

That was four years ago. Also note this was never put into ideas either.

@lubos any possibility of this feature being added to the program?

Imo it is unlikely a solution would be appropriate for a broad Manager user base without extensive customisation options and thus complexity.

Which name should be shown on outgoing customer documentation, the person who initially created the invoice, the person who last changed the invoice, the person who last touched the invoice. Who has permission to edit or override this customer facing data, what permission structure is required.

In summary imo a user created custom field is optimal.


Maybe it can be achieved through an extension that fill a custom field with the current user.

These functions are more part of POS systems than Accounting. Feature creep has the danger that Manager will become kind of "Jack of all trades, master of none ". Let’s first have all core accounting functionality addressed, and gladly not all suggestions make it to ideas and not all ideas will be implemented but judged on their suitability.


Please note that Extensions are now in Obsolete Features in Settings and thus will disappear at some time and will no longer be supported.

Ok if it is complex, lets ignore this as I too think that there is no point wasting valuable time on such a small matter when there are already more than 200 ideas waiting to be implemented