How to know which User have made this Invoice?


Is there a way to know who made an invoice or to print the name of the User automatically on the invoice?


Print the User name on Invoices

Sorry, this hasn’t been implemented yet.



Oke @lubos, i have waiting for it so…



ok thank you , hope this will be available Soon !



Yes this will be great in a multi-user environment.



Hello, Please can we know when this feature will be implemented ?
Did not find it on the roadmap.



In the meantime, why not simply train your staff to put their name (or their initials) into the Notes field of each invoice they create? That way, their name (or initials) will print on the invoice, no programming required.



You can also do this with custom fields.



What if one user inputs somebody else’s name to avoid inquiry?



What if one user sets fire to the computer?

If you can’t trust your staff to take credit (or blame) for their own activities, then I think you have HR issues that go far beyond the scope of Manager.



@raJ isn’t talking about trust issues with his staff, he is talking about genuine mistakes. Under intense pressure, the staff can make a mistake and select another name, for example, mistakenly selecting Harry Gomez instead of Henry Gomez.

A system should be able to record all logs associated with an account and even print the name of a user who generated a voucher on the generated voucher, especially sales invoices and receipt without the users having any control over it. @Jon .

It a necessary component of an accounting system and I will push for the immediate inclusion of the real thing instead of a custom field.

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In that case why do you think a user access to individual module be needed?
You can’t always leave the whole business to all your employees in my case. I definitely trust my employees but don’t want them to jeopardize one another for un/intentional mistakes/unauthorized inputs.
All rest is covered by @Abeiku Thank you bro. You know what I was talking about.



I think you misunderstood my comment. I’m not suggesting that every employee get the keys to the kingdom. All I’m saying is that if an employee can’t be trusted to type his own name in the Notes section (or can’t pick his own name from the drop-down list of a Custom Field), then you have bigger problems on your hands.

I guess I’m having trouble seeing the use case here – not that you need to convince me anyway. But can you give an example of how a malevolent employee might do some mischief on an invoice in a way that having his name print automatically might help you ferret him out? I just can’t see it.



In my case, only specific users are allowed to offer discount to customers in the invoice which the accountant has to be sure of while cross checking. Users who are not allowed to offer discount should not input somebody else’s name in order to get rid of inquiry for the sake of maintaining good relation with the client. This will eventually prevent misunderstanding within other users in the case of unapproved/unauthorized sales discount/whatsoever and this will also help us to track sales per user basis as well. Hope above circumstances from my business sounds clear to you.



This is very important and should be implemented as soon as possible i think, if this is possible, and please if we could later restrict users to edit sales invoices not created by them or not to show it to them. otherwise in that case a user access to individual module will not be needed.



I am newly using this software and it is awesome.Great Job…
But i found that this feature doesn’t exsit and i was surprised. I surfed the forum and found this Topic here…i think that is the most important feature in the case of using multiple users on an accounting software with more than 30 users will access it everyday at our company, so it is hard to know which user made a mistake or even if we need to ask about an invoice or payment or anything and this will also help us to track sales per user basis as well. Also in some cases companies need to restrict all users to edit invoices or payment not created by them just Read-Only feature, they can just edit their own invoices.
Hope this will be solved soon. Again , thank you for this great software, i have used a lot of accounting programs but i think this is the best even if there is some missing features, that i am sure everything will be implemented and solved.



Dear @lubos we are eagerly waiting for your comment. Please advise your opinion. Thanks.



Sorry to bump this up again.
Guys, anybody else in trouble like me. The issues has become a common problem nowadays with 15 active users. Frankly speaking, I am tired of this.



I am also looking for the same feature because i have many salesman who produces invoices. At the end of the day i have many sales invoices and its very hard to segregate.
Is it anyway to to give exclusive rights for the discount and changing of selling price?



We have created a custom field and each sales person simply select their name from a drop down box. From time to time they forget to do this but it goes a fair distance to help with tracking and accountability when issues need to be resolved.