Creative username and time


this is a suggestion if it is possibleUntitled


You need to provide more information. Where do you want this to appear? Manager does not record times, so if you want times, you will have to use custom fields, which is probably not what you want.


it will be help full if manager state the user name in the printed document example invoices payment receivable, so it will be know later on who did this entry and edited.

the below is used in every business to guarantee the correctness of this entry across the company management level

other system has this line at every printed document

prepared by checked by audited by approved by

I know it is difficult to apply everyone requirement. I tried this in customs field but it doesn’t work. so I will be appreciated if a programmer could but the codes so we could insert in the themes

thanks in advance


All this can be done with custom fields, which must be set up for the specific type of transaction form you want them to appear on. Search the forum; there are examples from past postings.


it isn’t custom fields full automatic .
you can ignore every suggestion or upgrade it
thank you