Adding new data through forms opening in different window

while creating an invoice if a new item needs to be added one has to create a new inventory first and start invoicing later, it would be great if new item could be created directly by opening the inventory in a separate window, similarly for supplier ,customers etc,

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If you are using the cloud or server edition, then you can open a new window and create the item.

I am using desktop edition in windows 10
it will be very helpful if this feature is added in desktop edition
@Brucanna, @lubos

It can’t be added to the desktop edition, as that edition doesn’t have multi-screen capabilities.

This is the type of sacrifice you make when you use a free version. The program is not a charity.

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it is almost the sole reason I went to the self-hosted server version.

The main area I use this (at least once or twice a week) is when entering purchase invoices. I use non-inventory items and often I’ll be in an invoice and come across a code I haven’t used. I can open another tab (it’s usually open anyway) where I enter in the new (non)-inventory item. I then tab back, enter the code and continue on my merry way :slight_smile: