Multiple windows and more flexibility in adding records

Is it possible to have popup windows during running the manager?
for example, I start a new invoice and when adding a product in it, I need to see the actual cost in order to make further discount. I have to close/save the invoice, and then go to the relevant page to see it.

Also, if possible to create new products and/or new client/supplier while being in an sale invoice or in a purchase invoice.

Thanks for yr support


That’s the whole point of what mult-user or server-edition of Manager are used for! It allows multiple accesses i.e. you or many users can do multiple things at a time!

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Dear Micky,
multi user is one thing and the use I request is another. I am explaining below

As I said, I would like to create a new item in inventory when I am creating the purchase invoice or the sales invoice. Now, I have to first create the new items in inventory and then start creating the invoice.

Or while I am creating a sales invoice, I want to give further discount but I don’t know the actual cost of the item; so I need to save the invoice, go to inventory find the item to see the cost and then return to the sales invoice.
The same goes for a new client or new supplier.


I have encountered the situation before and I know exactly what you mean. I often too find myself using the “Back” button to see what the value or entry was, before I go further.

However, the Manager is built on simple yet modular pattern. Adding ability to view the cross-module multi-screen information (like that done from an AJAX enabled web app e.g. Google Maps) would not only make information retrieval tricky but may also serve the antithesis of the Manager design.

Of course, this is my personal opinion but do understand that the desktop version of Manager is itself a web application underneath its GUI widgets. If you have a server edition, you can open multiple windows and do whatever you want, in the browser!

For instance, when composing an email in Gmail, if I have to find a reference, I don’t go back - I just open a new browser window. That’s exactly you can do with the server edition of Manager.