Idea - Add inventory item from Purchase

I have found myself, several times, while entering a Purchase Invoice needing to add a new inventory item. We don’t generally work with POs to suppliers so I haven’t had to enter the item well in advance of receipt.

Right now it appears that I have to leave the Purchase Invoice entirely, go add the inventory item and then start all over again with the Purchase Invoice. This makes things take longer than I’d like - especially if it happens several items into a Purchase Invoice. It also takes time to check every item in a Purchase Invoice against inventory before I even start entering it.

It would be great if there was a way to add a new inventory item directly while in a Purchase invoice - either to be able to have both an Inventory ‘window’ open at the same time as a Purchase Invoice or by some sort of ‘popup’ that would allow an inventory item to be entered to then add to the Purchase invoice.


It is already possible in the cloud and server edition.

It is also possible in the desktop edition to have multiple windows open. The approach depends on your operating system. Search the forum for past discussions on techniques.


Sorry - I’m using the desktop version and it never occurred to me to try opening part of the program in an actual browser window while still using the desktop program.
It works so that solves my problem.


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Remember: the desktop edition is a browser. So accessing the data file with another browser makes sense.

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Hi! Thank goodness this was here, relieves some of the headache for sure… will it ever be simplified to just entering it into the purchase invoice? (thanks for an awesome program yall, Im loving it)