Adding in rate (%) in Payslip creation

it would be nice to see a area were we can put % for amounts in the payslip creation…

Example: Employee name John Doe earns 7.00 an hour, he worked for 40 hours = $280 gross pay
Payroll Taxes would be like 15% of his gross pay = $42
that would give him a net pay of $238

so, instead of putting the amount in, we could set a % up when we set up the deduction items under payslip items that would figure that out for us just like the tax code does…

PS. that also goes for things like 401(k) plans where a percent goes for that area, and any other deduction items that needs to figure percent instead of giving an amount… so, it would be nice to be able to do both a amount and percent…

My plan is to support this on deduction/contribution level where you will be also able to specify the percentage (or formula) and which earnings categories are to be excluded from calculation. Similar to how Quickbooks does it.

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What is the ETA of this feature? I want to recommend this software to a company with employees, but I don’t think they’ll be happy if they have to make each calculation of taxes manually.

Before end of June. But keep in mind, this is only useful for employees on wages where there is variable pay each period. For salaried employees where their payslips look pretty much the same every time, cloning function is a way to go.

Was this completed? I think it’s the only thing holding me back from using/recommending this for several of my customers.

Not yet.