Adding Footer text to Customer Statement Reports

I would like to add some information to the footer section of the Customer Statement Reports, can someone shed some light on how to do this?

Thanking you in advance.


You cannot edit the format of customer statements.


then only thing I want to do is add information to the bottom, is there a default field that could be used like that of the invoice?



You cannot edit the format of customer statements.

You can post-process the printouts, though: Run the printed statement through the printer again and use a word processing program to add whatever you want to it. Or, if you’re printing to PDF, you can use Acrobat to add a text annotation wherever you want to.

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Right now, it’s not possible to add extra text to customer statements but I do agree, this needs to be supported.

Is the option available now? Also want to know if currency of the statement can be included in the statement?


For the Unpaid Invoices type, currency symbols are already shown. For Transactions type, amounts are converted to the base currency according to exchange rates set. No symbol shows.

We have a policy of charging in USD for some clients and others in local currency. Therefore indication of currency in the statement is essential. Also we would like to insert a statement requesting to settle pending invoices in the statement. A statement without such a statement is meaningless, so could you pls include this as an option?

I’m not the developer, just one of the forum moderators.

Can developer assist on this?

Any update on this? I am sure developer must have sen it.

Any update?