Adding device MAC address to Manager history

Dear Sir
Any possibility of adding the Device’s MAC address?

Thank you!

in short No. There is no accounting need for this, but more importantly this would be useless for Cloud and Server editions as routers strip the individual devices MAC addresses and replace them by the one of the router. So from your screenshot both users if on same network will not show their devices MAC address but will be showing the identical router MAC address. For desktop versions it would just be meaningless.

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When many users use the same computer at different times with different user id, the need will exist.

What use is it to know the MAC address of the computer used ?

The user id will identify who entered the transaction

The address of the computer used is surely of no value - you can’t attach any responsability to a machine!

It clears Who did what from where.

Why does it matter where they did it from ?

Yaser, as explained there would be no Unique MAC address capturing possible because a router disguises them. So forget about this idea and seek another solution. Seems you have trust issues so maybe installing CCTV cameras will be a possible solution to know who is on what computer at which time.

@Joe91 it is technically impossible to capture unique system MAC addresses behind the router. Yes the router log itself will show which system is connected and their unique MAC addresses but as soon as these systems interface with an application such as Manager to a web address via that same router it will only show the router MAC address. So assume you have 10 systems in an office all running Manager, the router will log the 10 unique MAC addresses but it will broadcast to the 10 Manager applications its router MAC address as they are not able to pass-on the unique system addresses. Therefore Manager will show on each of the 10 systems in the Office the same MAC address of the router.