Ip address in History

We are using Manager Cloud, which works pretty good for us, however we need sometimes to know the IP Address or device that made an update or created a transaction as we doubt different people are using same account.

Is there anyway to find the device (or IP address) behind an update of a transaction from History?
This is really serious as we have payments created and affected cash balance !

Is the user name not sufficient to identify the person responsable?

You should not allow users to share user names

An IP address would not necessarily give the information you want. A person can sign in from any device if they know login credentials.

This is a policy issue, not a program issue. The solution is to hold users responsible for entries made with their credentials. They will quickly learn to protect IDs and passwords.

Or use a VPN.

Hello yes i understand User should be enough, but if i need on specific date to know the IP will that be possible?

No. You cannot do that.

As we tried to explain before an IP address is not an identifier. Assume you have a laptop and take it to work and home. in each place it will get a new IP address from your network. It is in essence useless information except when it all are on a single network and assigned fixed IP addresses to each item that has network access by associating its MAC address. MAC address is unique to each piece of hardware. In such situation you should be able to have a router than can tell you at what time which computer has been in use. The data from the router can then be manually compared with the data from History in Manager.

Even this will never be a foolproof method. As @Tut mentioned this is not a program issue but an issue of your standard operating procedures and policies.

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