Adding Description to General ledger accounts?

This is a suggestion rather than a bug. Could we have a field for some narrative / description against general ledger accounts? -

Specifically, where we have a number of accounts (sub accounts) to record different funds and bank accounts, it would be really good to have available a field for the account number (‘supplier’ account ) and a short narrative to describe what the fund/account represents, for the benefit of other users. and to be picky - a short optional field for use on reports, and a longer optional description to act as instructions to book keepers etc. either or both can be flagged to be available in places like journals when selecting, or other transactions.

As I say - just a suggestion. Anyone else see this as a nice to have?

Great application.


You thought of it already!

And the answer is…
Set up a custom field attached to general ledger accounts.

The only thing better than users answering their own questions is if they don’t ask them in the first place!


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