Comment account for check register

Could you add a comment field like the one in general ledger screen for additional details?

The description field is capturing the bank information from the bank statement. Would like to retain that and add additional information regarding the transaction.

I agree with this. There will be special field for description on bank statement.

Can we also have the ability to print a check register from the bank account screen that is clean and simple to read i.e
Check #
End Balance
Cleared ( checkbox )

something along those lines

Keep up the GREAT work !!!



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Or some type of report generator in which you can turn fields on and off. That could be used globally.

Yes, please! Every accounting program I’ve used in the last 25 years, has let me make an easy to read print out of the check register. I love this program because it’s so easy to use, but can’t believe it doesn’t have the ability to do this.

You are responding to a 5-year old post that is completely obsolete.

There are several ways to see such data, including:

  • Click on the balance for the account in the Bank Accounts tab
  • Search for the bank account name in the Receipts & Payments tab to filter for only transactions in that account

All these can be exported.