Add custom Bank Reference field to Bank reconciluation screen

Any chance that the “new” custom field Bank Reference could be added to the Bank Reconciliation list - it was very useful to help identify payments and receipts ?


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The latest version is reverting “Bank reference” custom field and will show it under Reference column again. Can you test?

Working fine on the Receipts & Payments tabs, thanks

Any chance of having it on the Bank Accounts / Reconciliation screen as well?

What I meant is that your bank references should be shown under References tab now so Bank reference column is unnecessary.

No, they are not appearing on the Receipts & Payments page - onluy the automatic number reference I s appearing - which is not very helpful at all, imho


nor on the Bank Account Recompilation page


In fact it’s much worse than that - the latest update seems to have deleted the Receipts & Payments custom field which had all my bank references from 3 years ago :frowning:

Maybe it’s my fault as I had renamed the field from Bank Reference to Cheque Number/Bank Reference a few days ago

I will go back to an older version of Manager and restore from my backups - this is annoying but looks like the only solution

Even if database schema changes, Manager never deletes data. The upgrade script was made to move information from the custom field back to Reference number. My understanding is that you didn’t have bank reference on every transaction. How about transactions where you had bank reference? Are you sure this bank reference was not copied back into Reference field?

The data in the Reference field was moved to the the new Custom Field Bank Reference. I would say that 99% of the lines had data.

This data has not been copied backed to the Reference Field - this is now a sequential number and the custom field has disappeared

I’m not available to work on this until tomorrow - I will restore my data to a few days back then and can post the results here

I have now gone back to manager Version 18.8.19 and recovered a data file with entries up to 15 Aug 2018.

As you can see, I have my manually entered reference numbers in the reference field of the Bank Transactions Form

The form for the transaction of 13/08/2018 is shown below


If I upgrade now to the latest version, I will still find my references ?

Yes, you can upgrade and your references should be intact.

Just installed the 18.8.81 version and the references are working as I want now, thanks.