Added ability to create custom field as a drop-down list

What you described is just what it does. Adding the Drop-Down feature was s a huge improvement. I would bet that lubus will build onto it for even more improvements; but that’s just my 2 cents.

Thinking about it, its perhaps not necessary to have sort by client and by status. I think its more of an issue at the moment as I am going through all my quotes and closing them off etc. It would be ideal to have closed quotes disappear completely from default view in the long term.

But the Purchase Orders should have the ability to show custom field as column so we can clear our purchase orders. Hopefully @lubos will have time to implement that feature soon.

When will a drop down be available for expense claims description as it would be great if I did not need to enter the same stock over and over again!!!

What are you using expense claims for, @circus07? Expense claims should be used only to record expenditures on behalf of the business from someone’s personal funds. Normally, this means an owner or an employee. Expense claims will later be cleared, either through a reimbursement to the payer by the business or by crediting an equity account, such as an owner’s capital account.

I don’t understand what you mean by the following:

Recording a transaction as an expense claim is the same as any other transaction, except for the source of funds.

I use it for expense claims that is needed to run my business

So all entrees go to the Less Expenses column.

I would upload a screen shot but it keeps saving as a .MHT file and won’t upload?

The fact that no Payer is shown for any transaction in your example tells me you are not using expense claims correctly.

Are you paying for all these things with personal funds instead of company money? If you are paying from a company bank or cash account, you should not be using expense claims. You should go to the Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts tabs and use the Spend Money button in the account from which you are paying. Expense claims are normally used for things like travel expenses paid by an employee that will be reimbursed by the company.

When you spend money and allocate the transaction to the appropriate expense account, it will show up in the Less Expenses section of the Summary.

As to your complaint about entering the same things again and again, you can use the Clone feature. View a similar, previous transaction, click on Clone, and make any adjustments before clicking Create.

Is there anyway that I can use the custom field drop down list to link inventory item with supplier. I was today going to add the custom drop down list for inventory items and then discovered that I don’t have any way to tell the program to link that drop down list with a list of my suppliers which I could select from instead of having to type in each supplier manually.

Disregard the above post. I had the bright idea of copying suppliers to excel, stripping out the unwanted info and then pasting into custom field. I also tested that whatever I select stays selected in the inventory item field regardless of whether I add or delete suppliers.