How to add starting balance in inventory


In previouse versions it was simple to add starting balance of any stock by simply clicking the edit button. Now this option of starting balance is removed from there.

Now, how can i add starting balance in the inventory?


read the guide on Starting Balances.
this has been moved under Settings in a recent update.

@Tahir_Ratlamwala, the only reason you should enter a starting balance for an inventory item is if you carried that balance forward from a previous accounting system. Entering starting balances is a one-time event when you first change over to Manager from your other system.

The fact that you have been using Manager for almost six months suggests you should probably not be doing this now.

let me disagree with you (Tut)…
i’m using manager for 1.5y and still creating (old) inventory items… i’m just too lazy :relaxed: to create all inventory in one time, i create it just when i need them, even some items have ben created but i’m just too lazy to count how many of them i have, now it’s more complicated to update the start balance for a lazy like me


@Eu_Mesmo, you should not have to count inventory items to enter their starting balances. You should transfer the closing balance from your old accounting system. If you later count them and find disagreement with what your records show, write off the difference or make an adjustment with a journal entry.

@Tut , mate I have the same issue. Migrated from 1st April. I still have over 100 products I’m slowly migrating from old system. My issue was, I was with a previous version and my computer OS crashed. so with the new computer ,I have the new version. please help. I have still 100 odd line items to bring. Cheers

@Chaminda_Taleyratne, your situation is not clear. When I used the term migrate, I was referring to changing an ongoing business from another accounting system to Manager. I was not referring to updating Manager from one version to a later version. The version of Manager you have is not relevant, except that the entry of starting balances shifted from individual account and inventory item setup screens to Settings at version 18.4.39.

So if, prior to your computer crash, you were using an older version of Manager, find your latest backup and import it to the new machine, on which you have installed the new version of Manager. The program will make any necessary database structural changes to your backup file automatically. See this Guide: In this case, you are not migrating and should not be setting starting balances.

If you did not make backups on a drive separate from your old computer, there is no way to recover your data unless a computer repair technician is able to somehow read and download your old drive. This is why regular backups on remote drives are so important.

On the other hand, if you were using a different accounting system before the crash and switched to Manager after the crash, then you are migrating and should set starting balances. But if you cannot access your old data for setting starting balances, you have no choice but to physically count all inventory items, adjust backwards in time for any transactions since starting with Manager, and enter the starting balances that result.