Adding to Inventory without using Purchase Invoices

I’m pretty new to this so maybe I’ve missed something. My company buys materials and assembles them into our final product so there is no straight forward Purchase Invoice to add to my Inventory Items. Obviously, I don’t want to adjust the starting inventory when we are making items after the starting date. Also, since it’s a small two person co-owned business (in Denmark) we are still building up our accounts so most purchases are done out of pocket which is then posted to Expense Claims.

Is there a way to update my inventory that reflects the correct date?

I believe that the developer is re-designing the inventory module into something called a warehouse module to deal with the aspect of when you have the stock as opposed to when you create a purchase invoice for the goods…

I would not use expense claims to build up your inventory. You should be spending on the company card for inventory. Expense claims should only be used for things that you pay out of your own pocket that the company needs to re-imburse you for such as overnight lodging for business use or petrol to fill up the company car - that sort of thing.

Bear in mind the purchase invoice date only reflects when you ordered the inventory - it does not reflect when you pay for the goods.

There is no company card. As a co-owned two person business in Denmark you don’t have to start with money in the bank for the company, you can work from out of pocket for as long as you like - though we are working on putting money into the company account with each sale so that we can get away from this. Since we don’t fully share all costs, I need to have a way to keep track of individual expenses because the money currently coming in is split based on the percentage put in by each owner (if that makes sense). We are in fact paying ourselves back, which is the point of expense claims - however, if there is a better option that doesn’t include company cards just yet, I am happy to look into it.

Also, we pay immediately for all our supplies or they aren’t shipped - we don’t have billing with a due date that is later.

To keep track of these individual amounts of money you and your co-owner put in the company I would use the capital acount function of Manager.

As Patrick said, using Capital Accounts might be a better option here, but having said that, I would urge you to open a bank account asap and put capital in there. I know from personal experience how difficult it is to keep track of the money flow when you are juggling money from one account to another.

There is… use Production Orders tab which can take materials and convert them into inventory items.

I have looked and looked for this Production Orders Tab but as of yet have not found such a thing. We make all our own product line of Moisturizing creams, lotions and body butters for our Cosmetic Business. When I add new inventory it does add the QTY but the the Amount is always $0.00 yet when I set up the inventory for the first time it records the cost amount and Balance. We purchase the ingredients for our creams, lotions and such but to record every ounce, pound, liter to get the end product cost is not feasible and way too time consuming. I use the Manufactures Order to add to my inventory at this time but I think this is a wrong way to do it as I can only add lets say I am making 8 Body Butters so I enter 8 and select that inventory item as finished Product. It only gives me one more thing to do and that is Bill of Materials that only selects from my Inventory Items. If I select this and add 8 body butters it adds the 8 Body Butters to my inventory and the takes 8 body butters out leaving me with no add inventory.

What do I do as I can not find a way to add new inventory.

The Production Orders is I believe the new name for Manufacturing Orders. You need to update Manager to the latest version and this should change the name and add whatever functionality Lubos has added to Production Orders. Then follow Lubos’s advice for creating inventory from materials.