Add Quote Number Field to Sales Orders

When I view a Quote and use the “Copy-To-New Sales Invoice” option, the Quote Number is shown on the Invoice along with an empty Order Number field. This lets me link the Invoice to the Quote.

When I view a Quote and use the “Copy-To-New Sales Order” option, the Quote Number does not show on the Sales Order. Also, when I view the Invoice and use the “Copy-To-New Sales Order” option, the Quote Number does not show.

There are a few forum threads that discuss the proper use of Quotes and Sales Orders and Invoices. Without getting into the pros and cons expressed I want to say the “Copy-To-…” feature sure saves me a lot of time and mistakes in my workflows so I’m looking for a way to use it as effectively as possible.

I know I can create a custom field and manually copy-and-paste the value from the quote number but I would like to be able to set it up to copy over auto-magically.

Is this possible using a custom theme or some other mechanism?


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In both cases, that is because there is no quote number field for sales orders. It has nothing to do with the Copy to function. I am surprised this is not already in the ideas category. I will put it there and edit the title accordingly.

Meanwhile, your only option would be to create identically named custom fields for the various transaction types. Then, content would be copied.

I suspect that the reason why it’s not already in the sales order is largely down to the lack of status for quotes and orders. I myself initially started using Sales Orders, but discontinued using them due to the lack of status for sales orders. The inability to show as completed meant that sales orders just wasn’t practical to use.

So I suspect a lot of people just don’t use the sales orders and this is why the issue has not been noticed. In actual fact there are/were quite a few issues with sales orders. I seem to recall quite a few things were wrong with them when I was using them. The form had not really been completed. I think it was also to do with the copy to function - but if memory serves me correctly, it may have been copying from a quote to order that was the problem at the time.

This has been implemented as per

@lubos The implementation of the Sales Quote reference number passing to the Sales Order, and the Sales Quote + Sales Order reference numbers passing to the Sales Invoice is a great improvement for document control & ISO compliance, thanks (I can now remove the clumsy custom fields for these)

However there is one more step which is still missing, the customers Purchase Order reference number should also be entered when raising a Sales Order, and passed to the Sales Invoice when cloning the Sales Invoice.

atm I’m using custom fields to do this, but would much prefer this to be a standard field