Sales order reference number on customer statements

In the June Newsletter:

Sales order reference numbers selected in the “Order number” field of sales invoices are now displayed on customer statements.

Is this related to this post - Questions about order numbers?

I still don’t have any clear understanding of why my internal sales order number is showing on client sales invoices. If they have a query with the order, they have my sales invoice number and will never need to know my sales order number.

But perhaps it was done to display on customer statements?

Previously, it wasn’t possible to link sales invoice with sales order. Order field on sales invoice was free text field so you’ve put there whatever you wanted.

Now that linking has been implemented and linking provides additional functionality, I need to reconsider this.

I agree with you that internal sales order number does not need to appear on printed sales invoices and customer statements.

Would you also consider adding a purchase order number field for the client as part of the new workflow for quotes and orders. When a business receives an invoice for an order that they have already put onto the system, it would be very helpful if they could find their purchase order if my sales invoice had their purchase order number on it.

Also note: there are two bugs with the new sales quotes system as described here: Status of Quotes and Orders feedback

Specifically you can cancel a quote that has been linked to a sales order.
A blank sales order reference number will show as the date when copied to a sales invoice. So you end up with sales invoices with the same order number, but from different orders if you copy from multiple sales orders to sales invoices.

As well as another bug as linked in the Question about Order numbers topic.

When you copy a delivery note from a sales order, it shows the order number as just 1 which is correct. However if you create the same delivery note from the sales invoice, for some reason the invoice number on the delivery note is shown as #407 – 5-Jan-21.