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I want to supply a Customer Statement (unpaid invoices) to various Customers however I’m having an issue.

I want to select dates from 16/06/2018 to 30/06/2018 as there are 4 x unpaid invoices.
When I select 16/06/2018 it shows _two previous invoices that have been paid_why is this happening?

When I select 30/06/2018 it shows the two previous invoices that have been paid again plus unpaid invoices up to the 30/06/2018.

Am I doing something wrong here and why is it showing unpaid invoices that have been paid.
Can I select a date range just for those unpaid x 4 invoices.

Thank you

To answer your question, can you post screen shots of the Edit page of one of the paid invoices you believe should not show? Also post a screen shot of the View page of the same invoice. You can obscure proprietary information, but be sure to show all dates and amounts.

Also post a screen shot of the Sales Invoices tab showing the selected invoice. To eliminate others, you can search for the invoice number before capturing the screen shot.

Ok, I’ll send through soon.

Here are the grabs from Manager as you requested.

Thanks again.Sales%20invoice%20page%20493 Edit%20page%20invoice%20493 View%20page%20493 ![Date%2030%20June%202018|660x499]

Last oneDate%2030%20June%202018

When those invoices have been actually paid? If they were paid after 30th June, then they are going to show on a statement as unpaid as at 30th June.

Yes the invoices were paid on the 6/7/2018, so I wonder if that’s why there showing up as unpaid when I do a Customer Statement (unpaid invoices) search. I would have thought a paid invoice would be cleared and never seen again in a unpaid invoice search.

Invoice 493 was unpaid on June 30. In fact, it was overdue. (The Unpaid invoices type of statement is not for a date range; it has only an “as-of” date.) So, while the invoice may now be paid in full, it was not then.

If you want to look at a date range, you must use the Transactions type of statement. But there, you will see only debits and credits, not invoice status.

Thanks Tut,

I was thinking a Customer Statement (unpaid invoices) search would generate unpaid invoices between dates, my client has requested a Statement rather than re sending all unpaid invoices separately.


The way to give your customer a summary of all unpaid invoices is to select the Today option when setting the date for the statement:


Thanks again Tut,